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  • reports

    • Return the Analytics data

      This action returns the Analytics data.


      Request body

      • useResourceQuotasboolean

        Enables [resource based quotas](/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v4/limits-quotas#analytics_reporting_api_v4), (defaults to `False`). If this field is set to `True` the per view (profile) quotas are governed by the computational cost of the request. Note that using cost based quotas will higher enable sampling rates. (10 Million for `SMALL`, 100M for `LARGE`. See the [limits and quotas documentation](/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v4/limits-quotas#analytics_reporting_api_v4) for details.

      • reportRequestsarray

        Requests, each request will have a separate response. There can be a maximum of 5 requests. All requests should have the same `dateRanges`, `viewId`, `segments`, `samplingLevel`, and `cohortGroup`.

  • userActivity

    • Return User Activity data

      This action returns User Activity data.


      Request body

      • viewIdstring

        Required. The Analytics [view ID]( from which to retrieve data. Every [SearchUserActivityRequest](#SearchUserActivityRequest) must contain the `viewId`.

      • userobject

        Required. Unique user Id to query for. Every [SearchUserActivityRequest](#SearchUserActivityRequest) must contain this field.

      • activityTypesarray

        Set of all activity types being requested. Only acvities matching these types will be returned in the response. If empty, all activies will be returned.

      • pageTokenstring

        A continuation token to get the next page of the results. Adding this to the request will return the rows after the pageToken. The pageToken should be the value returned in the nextPageToken parameter in the response to the [SearchUserActivityRequest](#SearchUserActivityRequest) request.

      • dateRangeobject

        Date range for which to retrieve the user activity. If a date range is not provided, the default date range is (startDate: current date - 7 days, endDate: current date - 1 day).

      • pageSizeinteger

        Page size is for paging and specifies the maximum number of returned rows. Page size should be > 0. If the value is 0 or if the field isn't specified, the request returns the default of 1000 rows per page.