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    Connect Zoom with 44 apps

    Google Sheets
    17 methods
    Google Calendar
    37 methods
    43 methods
    Google Drive
    46 methods
    254 methods
    Tasks API
    14 methods
    People API
    15 methods
    Search Ads 360 API
    10 methods
    Search Console API
    9 methods
    Google Search Console URL Testing Tools API
    1 methods
    Google Slides API
    5 methods
    Cloud Speech-to-Text API
    4 methods
    Cloud Tasks API
    2 methods
    Google Cloud Translation API
    5 methods
    Cloud Vision API
    14 methods
    DoubleClick Bid Manager API
    9 methods
    Google Fit
    9 methods
    PageSpeed Insights API
    1 methods
    Ad Exchange Buyer API
    38 methods
    AdSense Host API
    26 methods
    AdSense Management API
    35 methods
    Analytics Reporting API
    2 methods
    Blogger API
    33 methods
    Cloud Natural Language API
    6 methods
    Google Docs API
    3 methods
    482 methods
    HTTP GET Request
    1 methods
    451 methods
    3 methods
    40 methods
    Quora search lite
    1 methods
    94 methods
    TimeChimp Api
    57 methods
    Scribeless API
    7 methods
    COVID Cases by Country
    3 methods
    140 methods
    2 methods
    Google Places
    4 methods
    26 methods
    HTTP POST Request
    1 methods
    HTTP PUT Request
    1 methods
    HTTP PATCH Request
    1 methods
    HTTP DELETE Request
    1 methods
    HTTP OPTIONS Request
    1 methods
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  • Reference

    • accounts
      Get a Sub Account under the Master Account.

      **Prerequisites:** * Pro or a higher paid account with Master Account option enabled.
      **Scope**: `account:write:admin`

      27 methods: Accounts, Account and 25 others

    • phone
      Retrieve [call logs]( for an account. **Scopes**: `phone:read:admin`

      1. Business or Enterprise account
      2. A Zoom Phone license
      3. Account Owner and a [role]( with Zoom Phone Management

      52 methods: ListBlockedList, GetABlockedList and 50 others

    • rooms
      Use this API to [add a Zoom Room]( to a Zoom account.

      * Pro or a higher plan with [Zoom Room]( license.
      **Scopes**: `room:write:admin`

      22 methods: ListZoomRooms, GetZRAccountProfile and 20 others

    • roles
      User [roles]( can have a set of permissions that allows access only to the pages a user needs to view or edit. Use this API to [assign a role]( to members. **Scopes:** `role:write:admin`

      * A Pro or a higher plan.

      8 methods: Roles, GetRoleInformation and 6 others

    • chat
      Zoom chat channels allow users to communicate via chat in private or public groups. Use this API to create a channel for a user.

      Note: This API only supports user-managed OAuth app.

      **Scopes**: `chat_channel:write`

      16 methods: GetChannel, ListChannelMembers and 14 others

    • sip_phones
      Zoom’s Phone System Integration (PSI), also referred as SIP phones, enables an organization to leverage the Zoom client to complete a softphone registration to supported premise based PBX system. End users will have the ability to have softphone functionality within a single client while maintaining a comparable interface to Zoom Phone. Use this API to enable a user to use SIP phone.

      **Prerequisites**: * Currently only supported on Cisco and Avaya PBX systems. * The account owner or account admin must first enable SIP Phone Integration by contacting the [Sales]( team.
      **Scope:** `sip_phone:write:admin`

      4 methods: ListSipPhones, CreateSIPPhone and 2 others

    • metrics
      Retrieve survey results from [Zoom meetings client feedback](
      You can specify a monthly date range for the dashboard data using the `from` and `to` query parameters. The month should fall within the last six months. **Prerequisites:** * Business or higher account * [Feedback to Zoom]( enabled. **Scope:** `account:read:admin`

      22 methods: DashboardCRC, DashboardIM and 20 others

    • im
      Delete a message that was sent by your chatbot app. **Scopes:** `imchat:bot`
      **Authorization Flow**: Client Credentials Flow

      To get authorized, make a POST request to `/oauth/token` endpoint with grant type as `client_credentials`.
      Use `` as the endpoint for the request. You will need to send your ClientID and Secret as a Basic base64 encoded AUthorization header. Ex. `Basic base64Encode({client_id}:{client_sceret})`

      Next, use the token received (access_token) as a bearer token while making the DELETE /im/chat/messages/{message_id} request to delete a message.

      Learn more about how to authotize chatbots in the [Chatbot Authorization]( guide.

      11 methods: ImGroups, ImGroup and 9 others

    • h323
      A H.323 or SIP device can make a video call to a [Room Connector]( to join a Zoom cloud meeting. A Room Connector can also call out to a H.323 or SIP device to join a Zoom cloud meeting. Use this API to add a H.323/SIP device to your Zoom account

      **Scopes:** `h323:write:admin`

      4 methods: DeviceList, DeviceCreate and 2 others

    • report
      Get billing invoices reports for a specific billing period. Provide the `billing_id` of the billing period for which you would like to retrieve the invoices for. This ID can be retrieved from **Get Billing Reports** API. **Prerequisites:**
      * Pro or a higher account with **Billing Report** option enabled. **Scopes:** `report:read:admin`, `report:master`

      16 methods: ReportSignInSignOutActivities, GetBillingReport and 14 others

    • groups
      Retrieve a [group's]( locked settings. If you lock a setting, the group members will not be able to modify it individually.

      Note: The `force_pmi_jbh_password` field under meeting settings is planned to be deprecated on September 22, 2019. This field will be replaced by another field that will provide the same functionality.

      **Prerequisite**: Pro, Business, or Education account
      **Scopes**: `group:read:admin`

      13 methods: Groups, Group and 11 others

    • webinars
      [Webinar Registration Tracking Sources]( allow you to see where your registrants are coming from if you share the webinar registration page in multiple platforms. You can then use the source tracking to see the number of registrants generated from each platform.
      Use this API to list information on all the tracking sources of a Webinar.
      **Scopes:** `webinar:read:admin`, `webinar:read`

      * [Webinar license]( * Registration must be required for the Webinar.

      20 methods: Webinar, WebinarPanelists and 18 others

    • past_meetings
      List files sent via in-meeting chat during a meeting. The in-meeting files are deleted after 24 hours of the meeting completion time.

      **Scope:** `meeting:read`, `meeting:read:admin`

      5 methods: ListPastMeetingFiles, PastMeetings and 3 others

    • past_webinars
      List files sent via in-meeting chat during a meeting. The in-meeting files are deleted after 24 hours of the meeting completion time.

      **Scope:** `webinar:read`, `webinar:read:admin`

      5 methods: WebinarAbsentees, ListPastWebinarFiles and 3 others

    • sip_trunk
      With SIP-connected audio, Zoom establishes a SIP trunk (a network connection specifically designed to make and deliver phone calls) over a direct and private connection between the customer’s network and the Zoom cloud. Meeting participants that dial into a meeting or have the meeting call them, and are On-Net from the perspective of the customers' IP telephony network, will be connected over this trunk rather than over the PSTN.

      Use this API to list all the internal numbers that are configured for SIP Connected Audio in a Zoom Account. **Prerequisites:**
      * Pro or a higher account with SIP Connected Audio plan enabled. * The account must be a Master Account
      **Scopes:** `sip_trunk:master`

      1 methods: ListSipTrunkNumbers

    • meetings
      Retrieve the details of a meeting.

      **Scopes:** `meeting:read:admin` `meeting:read`

      29 methods: Meeting, MeetingInvitation and 27 others

    • users
      Create a meeting for a user.
      This API has a daily rate limit of 100 requests per day. Therefore, only 100 **Create a Meeting** API requests are permitted within a 24 hour window for a user.

      Scopes: `meeting:write:admin` `meeting:write`

      35 methods: Users, UserEmail and 33 others

    • contacts
      A user under an organization's Zoom account has internal users listed under Company Contacts in the Zoom Client. Use this API to search users that are in the company contacts of a Zoom account. Using the `search_key` query parameter, provide either first name, last name or the email address of the user that you would like to search for. Optionally, set `query_presence_status` to `true` in order to include the presence status of a contact.

      **Scopes:** `contact:read:admin`, `contact:read`

      1 methods: SearchCompanyContacts

    • tracking_fields
      [Tracking fields]( allow you to analyze usage by various fields within an organization.
      Use this API to create a new tracking field.

      **Scope:** `trackingfield:write:admin`

      **Prerequisites:** * Business, Education, API or higher plan

      5 methods: TrackingfieldList, TrackingfieldGet and 3 others

    • tsp
      Get information on Telephony Service Provider on an account level.

      **Scopes:** `tsp:read:admin` `tsp:read`
      * A Pro or a higher plan.

      2 methods: Tsp, TspUpdate