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During this time of COVID-19 crisis many business are under a lot of financial strain. We are offering our service for free during the first month and then at a 90% discount 3 months after.

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Our support team will help you get started shall you have any difficulties setting up your automations. Just constact us via chat through your Ants & Apps dashboard.

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Explore Ants & Apps Features


No Coding

Everyone can automate with Ants & Apps! Build powerful automations without coding skills.


Easy Setup

Connect your apps with a few clicks in our easy to use Ants & Apps Editor.


Automation 24/7

Get Ant Scenarios to automate your routine work, 24/7/365.


Excel-Style Formulas

350+ Excel & 294 custom Ants & Apps functions which process numbers, arrays, strings of text.


Pay As You Go

Don't want to commit? Choose out Pay As You Go Plan. Oh, and all unused actions will carry over.


Full Features

All integration features are unlocked no matter what plan you choose to go for.


Developer Mode

When you require more advanced functions like iterators or access to more available API methods.


Excel Formula Editor

Use Ants & Apps Formula Editor to share your Excel-like formulas with your peers to showcase your work or troubleshoot.

// This is how we do it

Our army of cyber ants will connect your web apps without the need of developer skills. Oh, and we have stuff for developers too!

1. Start Building Your Scenario

Every Ant Scenario starts with a Trigger which is an event that matches a user-specified criteria. In Ants & Apps you can also use a click to start a scenario execution.

Create a Trigger
Let's use Gmail as an example. Assume that we want to create a Trello card for every email that contains "leads" in the subject. We will use this rule as a Trigger.

2. Get the Data

After you have linked your app account, Ants & Apps is able to retrieve your data for scenario execution.

Parse an Email
Ants & Apps will get all the email data which will be later used to set up a conditional statement to filter out only emails we need.

3. Set Up a Rule

Ants & Apps has a built-in capability to filter data using IF statements.

Continue Only If
An IF statement will filter out all irrelevant emails.

4. Automate an Action

With Ants & Apps, you are able to perform any action that an app allows via an API.

Create a Card in Trello
Once an email matching your criteria has been received, a new card will be created on Trello. You can automatically populate Card Title, Description and any other field.

5. Start Saving Time

We have integrated useful testing tools in our Ants & Apps Editor. You will be able to see how your automation would work if it was live.

Launch Your Scenario
Once you tested your scenario and it works as intended, set it live!

We firmly believe the mantra "everything that can be automated, must be automated". Ants & Apps provides a perfect platform to achieve this. We have FULLY...


  • What are Actions and how many do I need?

    An action is counted every time Ants & Apps completes a step in your Ant Scenario, like, moving data or filling a cell with a value. For example, creating a new row in Google Sheets for every email address received via Gmail will count as an action. Built-in functions, like iterators, won't count towards your action allowance. The number of required Actions will depend on how much data you have and how frequent you will use it in your Ant Scenarios. In case you run out of Actions, you can choose to either automatically buy a next bolt-on or to alert you via email.

  • What are Apps?

    An App is an existing web service or an application that is provided by either a third party or Ants & Apps. For example, Gmail, Google Sheets, Trello.

  • Can I combine Pay As You Go actions with subscription Actions?

    Absolutely. It may even work out cheaper than adding a Bolt-On to your subscription in some cases. For example, if you consume about 2,300 actions per month, you would save money by adding PAYG actions which have a 12 month validity period rather than getting a Bronze Bolt-On every month.

  • Do you have a free trial of your plans?

    Ants & Apps offers a free plan which includes all the features of premium plans. We provide all the best Ants & Apps features to everyone, no matter what plan they are on.

  • What if I ran out of Actions/data?

    Not a problem! You can top-up Actions or data with any of our Bolt-Ons or Pay As You Go top-up. You can set this up automatically, or manually.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    You can always downgrade to the Free or Pay As You Go plan. Please note, that your actions will be consumed in the following order: free, subscription and then pay as you go.

  • What if I decide to cancel?

    You can cancel your subscription renewal at any time. All refunds are dealt with in accordance with our Terms of Service

  • Can you charge me in my local currency?

    At the moment, we accept US Dollars, Euro and British Pounds. You can pay using all major debit/credit cards and PayPal.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    We do offer a 15% discount if you pay for the subscription and subscription Bolt-Ons a year in advance. You can top-up at any time if you run out of Actions or data.

  • Do I need to know how to code?

    You don't need to have any coding experience to start using Ants & Apps. You will be guided on every step of an Ant scenario creation to automate your workflows without a developer's help. However, if you know how to code, you will be able to utilise all availble functions to the full extent. For example, all integrated API methods, iterators and so forth.

  • What is a developer mode?

    It's a mode that unlocks full set of features and methods of an App APIs and additional developer tools like arrays, iterators end so on. You will be able to use all of the possible API methods that an App provides.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Please get in touch - [email protected]! We will be happy to help :)

  • I have both Pay As You Go and subscription actions in my account. Will that work? Which actions will be consumed first?

    Absolutely, you can have both subscription and PAYG actions at the same time. Please note that your subscription actions will be consumed first as those will be first to expire. You can combine actions in a way that is the most cost-effective for you.